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Grand Canyon Mule Ride

During the 1880’s miners began to prospect for copper and asbestos using donkeys, horses and mules. Today Grand Canyon Mule rides use some of the same trials that were established by the original miners.

Day trips start at Stone Corral and follow the Bright Angel Trail down to Plateau Point. Lunch is served. The views from the point are spectacular and the river winds past 1300 feet below. The trip down takes about two and one half hours. The ride back to the top of the south rim takes a little longer. Mules stop to rest about every thirty to forty-five minutes. Take the opportunity to photograph your favorite views of the canyon.

Two and Three day Grand Canyon Mule rides are available from Stone Corral down the Bright Angel Trail to Phantom Ranch. Meals sleeping quarters are provided. Forget about the suitcase full of eveningwear, smoking jackets and mini bar with your favorite adult beverages. You will be provided with a small plastic bag to take a change of clothes and toothbrush.

Mules are not politically correct animals either. They discriminate against tall and short people that weigh more than two hundred pounds fully dressed. They do insist that you are fully dressed. They are shy animals and prone to passing gossip. You must be taller than 4’-7” in height. If you are 15 years old or younger an adult must accompany you. Well that’s about it but do remember it was your idea to go in and out of the canyon not the mules.

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The Grand Canyon National Park